Montag, 29 . November . 2021

Rules on Board

Rules on board

In order to live together firm rules are necessary, otherwise we will end as the Bounty (and we don’t like rowing). The rules are probably familiar to all and have never proven to be a problem in the past.

  • Safety first. Man over board device worn always.

  • Lifejackets always worn at night and in heavy weather (15 knots+ App. Wind).

  • Every crewmember should preferably have done a survival at sea course.

  • For racing or non-cruising passage making a competent crew course should be taken.

  • Never go on the foredeck alone at night and without a lifeline on.

  • No drugs on board ever!

  • Alcohol in moderation if at all (discussion?) when under way

  • Preferably no smoking or if so, just on deck

  • No paper in the toilets

  • Dishes are done immediately

  • Be 5 Minutes early for your watch to discuss

  • Always report problems/ enter into the log book

  • Carry out maintenance/ repairs immediately if possible

  • Personal hygiene is a must. Showering preferably on aft deck

  • Save power and water at all times.

  • Toilets are kept clean at all times

  • Regular scrubbing of decks and cleaning of cabins.

  • Do not pee over the sides, use the toilets.

  • Fun in harbour, but be back on board in good time.

  • Skipper is very time conscious. Don’t let other crewmembers wait for you.

  • In case of conflict, sleep on it or if possible go for a long walk before confronting the person(s)

  • PC’s are for navigation and business, not games

  • The saloon must always, always be kept tidy. Leftover things go overboard!

  • Always blame “Horst”, not your fellow crew member

  • No music at night which disturbs the others sleeping

  • Generator and water maker only run by the owner or skipper.

  • Log book kept by watch every hour

  • If more than 6 persons are on board, then the excess should either sleep on deck or find local accommodation if possible.

  • Every crewmember must sign a legal release form before coming on board.

  • Before putting something away ask if zou are not 100% sure. There is nothing more frustrating on a boat than searching for misplaced gear.
  • Leave some room in your luggage to bring/ take home things for the boat.

  • The skipper is always right