Sonntag, 22 . Oktober . 2017

Press Coverage

The press ist following the World ARC and Gunvør XL.   Read the reports from: Denmark Børsen, 9 december 2011:  Kapsejlere holder sig væk fra piratfarvand X-Yachts announces the ARC- participation of their boats: ARC 2011 - Atlantic Ralley for cruisers Baadmagasinet Jan 2012   Herlovianeren: June 2013, pp. 50-52: Eventyret er slut for denne her gang December 2012, pp.118-121: En kultur for meget June 2012, pp.52-55: Over det store Ocean March 2012, pp.16-18: Har du en spiler mere? December 2011, pp.104-107: Med Gunvør XL jorden rundt   Germany SVAOe Nachrichten, Mai 2011: Gute Reise, Gunvør! SVAOe Nachrichten online: Gunvør XL wieder vorn SVAOe-Stander bei den Antipoden Gunvør XL in Fiji Gunvør XL first ship home Auf Siegesflügeln im Paradies  Die ersten sind da! Probefahrt Round Britain Also the SVAOe club magazine had a nice article about our GUNVØR XL home coming At the year end we were also awarded the Kommodore price 2013 for the best sailing performance for the circumnavigation: GUNVØR XL receives the Kommodore Preis der SVAOe 2013 Wedler Tageblatt 7.8.2013 über unsere gesamte Reise in der Yacht wurden wir auch erwähnt GUNVØR in der Yacht als link oder als pdf Gunvør in der Yacht Old Table has published an article about our circumnavigation OT27_Vortrag_GUNV_R_XL_um_die_Welt In addition Karsten has given speeches at the Hamburg town hall at the annual German offshore awrd ceremony. (We also received an awrd) and at various Rotary meetings such as Hamburg Deichtor, Hamburg Hafentor and Hamburg 1. In additkion he was the honorary speaker at the annual IYFR (International Fellowship of Rotarians) at the annual winter meeting of the Northern fleet in Flensburg. Highlight of the speeches was the Round Table 176 Wedel meeting. As far as anybody can remember it ended at around midnight. Spain Gran Canaria, La Provincia, 14.10.2011: "Estamos aprovechando el buen tiempo de la Isla" "Our start preparations in Las Palmas were mentioned" Australia NT, 28.08.2012: Flotilla descends We are also on TV!   Réunion We are on TV! The French News of Réunion reported the WORLDARC fleet visiting the island. They did an interview with Ian. Go to Minute 24:59 to have a look at it: Click here to go to Full Size   And here is another tv-report for Réunion.   Grenada Grenada welcomes GUNVOR XL   Eindrücke von der Reise vor Rotary vorgetragen: Rotary Presentation